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7 Things to Consider Before Your Spring Wedding

Getting married this spring? The spring in the PNW can be the most beautiful time of year, but also the most unpredictable in the weather department. So, here is what you need to know to be prepared for your big day:

1. This is the BIGGEST one... make a plan B for that gorgeous outdoor ceremony you have planned. If you have an indoor/outdoor venue, make sure you know how they would set up if you need to move the ceremony indoors due to rain. If you are unable to move the ceremony indoors, know where you can rent a tent and how far in advance you will need to get it ordered.

2. If you get umbrellas for photos, skip the white or clear and go with a bright pop of color or fun print. It will stand out better in your photos while the clear and white umbrellas get lost in the overcast sky.

3. Spring is the best time for market flowers! If you haven’t decided on floral arrangements yet, go to your local farmers market and ask them to make your bouquets, boutonnières and centerpieces! All the quality for a fraction of the cost and so beautiful! They usually need the order about 1-2 weeks before the wedding. I call this DIY-light, you’ll need to wrap your bouquet stems and place the arrangements in vases for the tables.

4. Plan a couple cool rain shots with your photographer “just in case.” It will take some of the doom and gloom out of the possible “rain on your wedding day” fear and give you something fun to look back on if it does happen to rain.

5. Remember that no matter what, rain or shine, you are marrying the person you love and your wedding day is going to reflect that. So relax, have fun and dance in the rain if it must come!

6. Make sure you know who is in charge of what well before the week prior to the wedding. (ie. Who is putting the flowers on the tables? Who is taking the decor home at the end of the night? Who is helping set-up and break down? Who is responsible for the trash? Venue, caterer or client? Who is managing the timeline? Who is coordinating with the vendors? etc.)

7. A venue coordinator is not a day-of-coordinator (DOC). Their purpose is to make sure the venue is maintained properly, not to help run the wedding, so, if you have not hired a day-of-coordinator, HIRE ONE! A DOC really takes the stress off of you and your family starting about 4-6 weeks before the wedding. They create and manage your timeline, coordinate your vendors and, ultimately, take it upon themselves to make sure all your well thought out details are executed and your plans and vision become a reality. They ensure your event runs smoothly and are a wise investment.

Click here to discuss Wedding Wizardry’s Day-of-Coordination services and to see if we have your date available.


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