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Are engagement gifts a thing?

The short and contradictory answer? Yes and no. Engagement gifts are rarely an expectation, and you certainly can't afford to send an engagement gift to every engaged friend that makes an announcement on Facebook. So keep it simple, if you are so excited that someone is engaged that you immediately hop on Amazon to get them a congratulatory gift, then they are someone who you should go ahead and get an engagement gift for. It will make their day and extend the after proposal high that much longer. If you are invited to an engagement party, it may be nice to pair your obligatory hostess gift of wine with a new pair of Mr & Mrs stemless wine glasses.

It is my opinion that a good gift should be well thought out. The saying, "It is the thought that counts" exists for a reason, so be thoughtful in choosing your gift. If they are beer drinkers instead of wine drinkers, skip the wine and wine glasses, bring your favorite brew and pair of Mr & Mrs Pint Glasses. Make the gift personal to you too (note YOUR favorite beer), share with the newly engaged couple something you personally put your stamp of approval on. Finally, be practical. Don't gift something to someone that will add clutter to their home, cause them a ton of work or take up a lot of storage space.

So that brings us to the whole reason I was inspired to write this blog! One of my long time friends got engaged at Disney Land a couple weekends ago and I was so excited for her that I jumped right on Amazon to start getting ideas on a congratulatory gift. I decided that I wanted to put together a cute little gift box where I picked out each piece instead of a generic engagement gift set. So to honor her newest/favorite piece of jewelry, I chose a lovely ring dish to keep her new ring safe, a fun nude nail polish with a marital twist for those inevitable ring selfies, and jewelry cleaner that I personally use to keep the sparkle bright. You can see the finished product below.


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