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Wedding Day-of-Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

When you're trying to plan your wedding, it can be confusing and overwhelming with all of the vendors you must hire - one of which is a wedding day-of-coordinator and/or a wedding planner. You might be wondering, are they the same thing? Do I need one of each or one or the other? The answer is that they are two different roles and which one you need will totally depend on your style, budget, and priorities when planning your wedding. Here is how the two roles are commonly differentiated and why you might want to hire one over the other:

Wedding Day-Of-Coordinator - for the couple who intends to do all of the planning, but just needs someone in the last month leading up to their wedding and wants someone onsite the day of their wedding to make sure the timeline gets executed, that the decor is in the right place, no one eats the cupcakes before it's time to cut the cake, and overall, just lets the couple and their guests enjoy their big day.

Wedding Planner - for the couple who needs or wants help planning either all or specific elements of their wedding. A wedding planner is almost always a day-of-coordinator as well and will include this in most of their packages.


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