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Why hire a wedding coordinator?

If you’re planning your wedding, someone may have told you that you NEED a day-of-wedding coordinator, but you might not understand why you need one at this point. Many of our clients are hesitant in the beginning, but we always hear after the wedding that they

were SO happy that they decided to hire a day-of-wedding coordinator. Here are a few reasons why you would benefit from hiring a wedding coordinator:

  • Allows you, your family, and your friends to relax and enjoy your big day

  • Avoid having to learning things the hard way on the day you don’t get any “do-overs” by benefiting from their insider knowledge and experience

  • Provides you with unlimited, honest support, and is an outside sounding board

  • Ensures that your wedding actually goes the way you envisioned

  • Takes care of managing vendors in the final month leading up to the wedding, saving you from sticky situations and benefiting from their experience and existing relationships with vendors

  • Enforce the things you don't want to think about on your day (like making sure no one is cutting the cake before you do)

  • Provides you with money-saving opportunities and alternatives


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